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Urban Cycle Mapping

The CycleCity Guides series of urban cycling maps has established a new standard for town and city cycle maps.

Easy to use and with a clean and clear design, the series covers some of the country's biggest cities. All have been surveyed by CycleCity to develop a network of recommended routes.

Such expertise can smooth the production of cycle maps for any town or city - making a top-quality map no more expensive than the cheapest alternative.

We are proud to have been commissioned by the London Cycling Campaign to survey the whole of Greater London - what we think is the UK's ultimate challenge for urban cycle mapping.

Client list: City of Bradford, Essex County Council, Cardiff County Council, Chelmsford Borough Council, Basildon District Council, Blyth Valley Borough Council, Wansbeck District Council, London Borough of Ealing, London Borough of Hillingdon, London Cycling Campaign, London Borough of Lambeth (leading seven London authorities) Leeds City Council, Leicester City Council, Rotherham Metropolitan District Council, Sustrans, Newcastle City Council, Gatehead Council, South Tyneside Council, North Tyneside Council, Oldham Council, Trafford Coucnil, Manchester City Council, City of Salford, Stockport Council.