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The Birmingham map was the 1997 winner of the Golden Wheel Award from Push Bikes (the city's cycle campaign group) for its positive contribution to cycling.

A double-sided urban map with more than 500 miles of recommended routes, the map was produced with the help of Push Bikes members. The north of the city is on one side, the south on the other. The map stretches for about 14 km from the city centre and the base map was produced specially by Ordnance Survey.

Birmingham's network of canals provides a good traffic-free alternative for several trunk routes while many suburban roads are remarkably quiet. The city centre has a separate and enlarged panel on the map to show cyclists how to penetrate Birmingham's inner ring road. A second panel incorporates Sutton Coldfield and links to the far north-eastern corner of the main map. As with other CycleCity Guides, bike shops and cycle parking are marked.