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Oxford Cycling Map

ISBN: 1-900623-01-3

Price: £4.95

Date: 1996

Area: Central Oxford on one side. Oxfordshire on reverse


CycleCity's Oxford map "transformed Oxford into a city of dreaming spokes", according to the Daily Telegraph [Weekend Section 13 July 1996]. A review of a the map by Russell Bulgin concluded:

Overall, a day cycling around Oxford shows CycleCity Guides to be accurate and easy to use. Heading back to the park-and-ride, the map suggests a cut-through around the John Radcliffe Hospital. A notice a the gate claims this to be a no through road. But that wavy yellow line on the map proves correct - the sign was a bluff. The map highlights a general side of Oxford, away from smog, red routes and filter lanes.

The reverse side of the map has an area stretching from the off-road Ridgeway in the South to Banbury in the North, and from the edge of the Cotswolds in the West to Reading in the East. The Oxfordshire Cycleway is also marked.

The map was the first in the country to include the route of the planned National Cycle Network, being constructed by Sustrans and its partner local authorities and other bodies. Oxford city routes were compiled with the help of Cyclox, the Oxford Cycling Campaign.