Cycle route surveying lies at the heart of CycleCity Guides. All our early maps were based on pioneering surveying of some of the country’s largest cities to build up networks of official, advisory and traffic-free routes. Many of the “advisory” routes identified by our surveyors have since been converted into signed “official” routes.

Our fieldwork methods have also been updated - moving from coloured pens and paper to Ordnance Survey digital map displays and handheld computers.

Cycle routes are now automatically surveyed to the Transport Direct/Cycling England national standard for inclusion in internet journey planning. Surveys can also cover route signing, cycle parking, infrastructure audits and rights of way.

Data is delivered in all common Geographic Information Systems (GIS) formats.

We always remember that good maps rely on accurate basic information.

Route finding: Creating cycle networks



Good cycling maps depend on good basic information. Our surveyors have more than a decade’s experience in developing cycle networks in complex urban environments. Cycle routes are made up of a combination of special cycling infrastructure, traffic-free paths and a network of linking advisory routes, normally using minor and suburban roads. Journey planning depends on these networks being coherent and complete - a challenge for all cycle surveying.

Infrastructure audits: Checking facilities on the ground

Infrastructure Audits


Cycling infrastructure is built up over time and is constantly evolving. There is a huge value to knowing exactly where each item is located, both as a record of what is there, and for maintenance and future planning. A regular audit can also check on the condition of signing, path quality and surface, and the number and location of cycling parking. Audits can easily be carried out in parallel with route surveys.

Training: Experts in electronic data collection



As acknowledged experts in electronic data collection of cycle facilities and routes, CycleCity Guides is happy to train others in the use of software and hardware. We have trained surveyors to record the National Cycle Network for Sustrans in Scotland, as well as providing help and guidance to many others embarking in the job or recording or developing cycle networks.